Good Men vs. Mama’s Boys

The relationship between mothers and sons is an interesting one.  When a man will do anything to care for his mother he is generally characterized as a good man.  However, if that man displays a strong emotional attachment to his mother, some folks are quick to label him as being a mama’s boy.  What is it that separates the good men from the mama’s boys?

My two boys are the most loving and caring children and they always try to take care of me.  For instance, most days I experience pain in my lower back which my sons are aware of.  My eight year old recently went to a farmer’s market where they were giving ten minute massages.  When he came home he was so excited to tell me this. He wanted me to go get a massage because he thought it would make my back better (I love this kid!)

His three year old brother is equally as thoughtful.  He shares everything he has with me.  Once a friend of mine brought him cookies and before he even took one, the first thing he did was give me a cookie.  Getting most three year-olds to share is virtually impossible, much less having them willingly share a cookie…a whole cookie, not just crumbs.

The boys are also very affectionate towards me and are always hugging me.  When people see this, I usually get “aaww, he’s such a mama’s boy.” So is it just okay to be a mama’s boy when you are young, but taboo once you hit puberty?  Because believe me, I don’t think anyone will be congratulating them for being mama’s boys once they turn sixteen.

I’m not sure why some people use the relationship a man has with his mother to define his character.  I adore all my children and I love the fact that right now my sons feel comfortable showing me they love me too.  I hope there never comes a day that my boys feel they have to filter how they interact with me because they fear being labeled a mama’s boy.


About Yanique Chambers

Yanique Chambers is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a stay at home of three wonderful children. Yanique enjoys scrapbooking, writing, spending quality time with family and friends, and laughing out loud.
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